About the service

Since its founding worldwide more than 100 years ago, the core of the Group's activities has been focused on eliminating risk, through the independent performance of inspections, analyzes and technical tests necessary for proper management.
The Loss & Risk unit benefits from Control Union's worldwide reputation and is today the vital center of a global network with its own offices in more than 80 countries and more than 4,500 employees.

In the Spanish market, the Loss & Risk Unit is divided into two highly specialized departments, MARINE & TRANSPORT and PROPERTY & CASUALTY, supported by a central coordination unit - CTS with more than 25 years of unrivaled experience in the market, and in the widest network of national and international offices in the market.

Currently, all kinds of services and specializations are offered to the insurance market in accordance with the different coverages that exist globally, with Experts and Damage Commissioners technically trained to offer the highest level of accuracy and speed, both in the quantification, valuation and causes of the accident, as in the possible salvage, recovery and/or repair of any damaged element or object, supported by our own laboratories equipped with the most modern systems.

Integrity and recognition

Any survey or risk assessment carried out by the Group constitutes a guarantee of integrity, accepted and valued by the international business community in the world of insurance; Cias. Insurance, Insured, Insurance Agents, P&I Clubs, etc.

The quality accreditations and international certifications received demonstrate our commitment to the quality of expert assessment and risk management services.

The Division offers highly specialized advice in a globalized world, our clients naturally expect the highest levels of speed of intervention and professionalism, which is precisely what the Group offers through its efficient global network based on our core values ​​of honesty, integrity and respect for people, society and the environment.

At the national level, the Group's Board of Directors in Spain clearly demonstrates total national coverage with a 24 hour/365 days a year service, unmatched in the market, which continues to prosper and grow daily in response to the changing needs of the modern Insurance market. .
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