Circularity studies in companies

Following legislative trends and action plans on circular economy, organizations must begin to implement circularity strategies in their processes, from design to the possible reintroduction of the used product (eg post-consumer waste) as raw material in a production cycle, abandoning progressively the practices of the linear economy.
• The circular model (reintroducing the concepts of recycling-reuse-reduction and valorization) as opposed to the linear model (extract-manufacture-use-dispose) in the production cycle, shows the progressive will to evolve towards a sustainable model.
• The scarcity of resources, excess energy consumption, the large amounts of waste generated destined for landfill, the volume of emissions and uncontrolled dumping and their toxicity must become priority issues for all social agents.
• Control Union is firmly committed to promoting the Circular Economy and its philosophy, establishing, from its Certification department, products that guarantee the correct execution of actions aimed at minimizing the negative impact of our activities on the environment and enhancing positive impacts.
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