Corporate/product/service carbon footprint

Control Union verifies our clients The corporate carbon footprint is the data (translated into gr of CO2 eq) of the activity of a company resulting from multiplying consumption by an emission factor during a specific time. With this data, our clients can measure the GHG emissions of their activity during a certain period of time.
The calculation of the Carbon Footprint must include all the significant emissions of the activities of the organizations, but those of their products or services can also be calculated, in order to ensure that the calculations of the emissions are representative and reliable.
CONTROL UNION acts in the verification of the three figures related to the carbon footprint: Calculation, reduction and compensation
• Verification of the calculation of the carbon footprint. It is a matter of verifying that the calculations that the organizations have made of their emissions conform to what is indicated in the reference chosen as a guideline.
• Verification of reductions. The calculations are verified comparatively between periods (annual calculation with respect to a base year) to verify the decrease in emissions as a result of good practices adopted, provided that there have been no significant changes in the activity and the data are comparable.
• Verification of compensations. An organization should always try first to reduce its emissions. However, it is difficult to reach zero emissions. Therefore, compensation is the action that closes the carbon footprint management cycle and is the tool that allows the activity of an organization, a product or a service to become carbon neutral.
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