GSTC - Global Sustainable Tourism Council

It manages the most prestigious and recognized certification scheme in the tourism sector, the GSTC Criteria, the global reference standard for sustainable travel and tourism; in addition to acting as the international accreditation body for the certification of sustainable tourism.
GSTC sets and manages global sustainable standards in two sets: Tourism Destinations, for policy makers and destination managers, and Tourism Industry, for hotels and tour operators. CONTROL UNION has auditors qualified by GSTC to audit the indicators of the schemes.

The principles and minimum requirements established in the GSTC schemes are those that any company in the tourism sector or destination should aspire to achieve in order to protect and maintain natural resources, while ensuring that tourism reaches its potential as a tool for the conservation of the environment. environment and the distribution of wealth and benefits, thus covering the environmental, economic and socio-cultural spheres related to its activities and the stakeholders involved.
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