ISO 21401

The ISO 21401 standard provides the requirements for a sustainability management system in those tourist accommodations that wish to implement and develop a policy and sustainable objectives in the management of their activities, products and services.
This rule ensures that the actions carried out are respectful of the environment, promoting the local economy and providing social benefits to the community that hosts them.

They are carried out in a systematic and organized manner, following the structure of international ISO standards with high-level structures always focused on continuous improvement.

Thus, the implementation of the standard involves a business management approach from the perspective of sustainability in its three dimensions (economic, social and environmental).

These three do not constitute watertight compartments within the business; They are obviously interrelated. But in addition, they are intertwined with the Sustainable Development Goals, global guidelines to comply with the 2030 Agenda in matters of sustainability.

Control Union, an expert in the tourism sector and providing other certifications, validates that your management system complies with this standard.
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