We offer a comprehensive management service for medium-range and large/complex claims in all economic sectors. Our global reach and local knowledge ensure uniformity and consistency in the high quality of our services.
Civil Works and Machinery
Structural condition assessment and damage inspection in all industries are largely focused on the safety of personnel and products which aim to identify conditions requiring repair, structural deficiencies, corrosion affecting structural integrity , fall protection deficiencies, ladder, platform, and all building/structure deficiencies.

Our experience helps minimize consequential loss and handle claims quickly and affordably.
  • All Risk Construction;
  • Fire and mechanical breakdown;
  • special machinery;
  • professional compensation;
  • Rental of machinery, contracts and manufacturers.
(Product Liability)
  • Self propelled cranes;
  • Decennial Insurance;
  • vehicle transport;
  • Workshop Responsibility;
  • Reconstruction of traffic accidents.

Environment & Food Services

Our environmental and insurance professionals are trained to quickly meet your needs with professionalism, experience and effective service.
  • Pollution Liability;
  • Additional Environmental Programs;
  • Contractor Pollution Liability;
  • Environmental compliance audits;
  • Errors & Omissions ( E&O);
  • Cleaning costs.
As one of the world's largest industries, our deep understanding of all aspects of the supply chain makes us second to none in the agri-food industry.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience in all aspects of the food and feed commodity sector is essential to many, making the agricultural industry one of the most important in the world. We make sure that agri-food is at the core of our business. Our experts inspect, certify, analyze and value the agri-food raw materials market worldwide.

Liability Claims
Our team treats its Insureds like their own with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction you can count on and adapt to the unique needs of each claim to maximize efficiency with care and precision.

Prompt communications to policyholders, clients and Principals applying strategic approaches to complex claims.
  • Overall responsibility;
  • Investigation of work accidents (Law 31/95);
  • Employers' Liability / Health and Safety Risks;
  • product liability;
  • Design and manufacturing defects;
  • professional responsibility;
  • D&O (Directors and Officers);
  • environmental claims;
  • Failure to comply with the regulations in force.

Engineering and Construction
The Control Union team offers a high quality independent claims service, enabling the insurance company to gain and maintain control over their risk.

Our approach allows us to plan and execute services efficiently, with a focus on clear and timely reporting of key information. The international network includes experts in all industries with experience in handling all types of loss.
  • Pre-risk inspection including civil engineering, energy and ports;
  • Investigation of work accidents (Law 31/95);
  • Evaluation of the place and origin factors of the accident;
  • Construction, hydroelectric and fossil fuel power projects;
  • Renewable energies: solar and wind;
  • Industrial fires, explosions including forensic investigation;
  • Telecommunications losses;
  • disaster management;
  • Retail/warehouse and distribution facilities;
  • Industrial accidents, including forensic investigation;
  • Infrastructure claims.

Wind Energy & Petrochemical LPG/LGN
Our roots in offshore inspections for the oil and gas industry go back more than two decades, we have teams of experienced and dedicated inspectors available in all major oil and gas hubs.

With years of experience in onshore and offshore industrial environments, we offer world-class damage assessment and loss adjustment services for the energy sector.
  • Structural damage to wind turbines;
  • Pre-shipment and verification services;
  • Turbine/structure inspection;
  • FRP ultrasonic inspection of blades;
  • Exploration, processing, storage and export of oil and gas;
  • LNG production and storage;
  • Refineries;
  • Storage and distribution of refined products;
  • Pipelines and distribution;
  • LNG/LPG, Crude Oil, Refined Products, Ethylene Marine Export Terminals.
Project Cargo
Monitoring of project cargo shipments, including pre-engineering analysis, loading and lashing plans, verification of compliance with IMO and national regulations.
  • Pre-loading and out-turn surveys;
  • Load-out, Stowage, blocking and bracing consulting;
  • Marine Warranty surveys (MWS);
  • Delay in start-up (DSU) related surveys;
  • Loss surveys and claim management.
Supervision of equipment during preload, loading/unloading and transit, including inspection of proper handling and storage arrangements.
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