ENplus® - Whole chain certifications for wood pellets

The ENplus® scheme was initiated in 2010 and developed for assuring the quality of wood pellets for small furnaces. Today more than 1100 certified companies participate in the scheme.
Based on the ISO norms 17225-2 and ISO 9001 it strives to assure a uniquely high quality of wood pellets and the implementation of good practices for a range of activities like pelletising, storing, bagging, trading and transporting wood pellets for domestic boilers and stoves.

ENplus® includes the entire chain of custody for wood pellets and is built around three modules – production, trading and provision of services (like bagging, storage and transport). It focuses on the traceability and quality class of wood pellets for households. Download the programme manual from the ENplus® website

Control Union is a recognized and accredited inspection and certification body in around 80 countries. For the ENplus® scheme, our accreditation is at Control Union Germany and it is from this office that the entire certification process is developed and approved.

The ENplus® certification is valid for three years. It includes annual surveillance inspections and a certification inspection every three years.

Contact us by sending an email with the filled out application form from this website to our program manager. Based on your information, we will send you an individual offer for the requested service. First time applicants must also send an application form  to the EPC before the initial inspection can commence.
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